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Running a retail business gets harder everyday. We take pride in working with our retail stores. If you’re a single store location or a chain of a dozen stores, we treat each and everyone the same. This means each purchase order is shipped in the order we receive them. Your pricing is the same weather you buy 1 case or 10 cases. 

We have worked very hard to bring you our award winning injections, spices, sauce, and grilling accessories. Taking pride in our product allows you to have world class top shelf items for your customers. Rest assured, partnering with Butcher BBQ will continue to stand true to our trademark slogan "Trust Your Butcher"!

New customer invoices are expected to be paid before shipping and after a few orders we offer terms.

  • Retail map list your store so customers in your area will know you are an authorized dealer

  • Brand recognition world wide

  • In store promotional banners, shelf signs, and cardboard isle displays

  • EDI ordering available 

  • Use our secure wholesale site for ordering or your own purchase order system

  • All food items are proudly made in the USA

  • We own and operate our own warehouse in Oklahoma

  • Invoicing direct via email with FOB

  • Preferred payment is check or ACH. We prefer no credit cards to help control our cost of doing business

  • We do offer full case or single unit sales

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